Jump Start your Newsletter

September 18, 2015 - If you like to write, a newsletter can be an effective way of staying in touch with customers,  colleagues, or those who are simply interested in you and your work. Having a group of readers just waiting for your newsletter to come out each month can be a boon to any business or practice, giving you what marketers call “top-of-mind awareness,” meaning that when your readers are ready to buy, they will think of you first.

The downside to a newsletter is that you have a group of readers just waiting for your newsletter to come out each month… after… month… When you lose your momentum or just can’t free up the time for another issue (already?!), and you find yourself watching your monthly become a semi-annual, what do you do?

If your newsletter is a tool you know you want to keep, but you’ve just lost your oomph, it might be helpful to take a fresh look at your intention.

What is your life work? What is your unique knowledge, perspective, or combination of skills you have to give to your readers? Think of your readers as interested students of your special art. Then step into the teaching role. You are their leader. What little piece can you give them – in the form of a newsletter – that will help them move forward in the work they are learning from you?

When we look at our newsletter in this way, each issue allows us to further our own life work – our purpose for being on this Earthwalk – as well as helping others. And that’s when we make time for it, and that’s when it gets fun – when we get to listen to our soul and do the work it wants to do – every time we write.