Sometimes It’s the Tool

September 14, 2015 - As writers, we occasionally find ourselves stuck in our writing. I don’t mean for a morning or a weekend. I mean stuck, stuck. We may go for months without getting back to our book, or writing a blog post, or putting out a newsletter. We may ask ourselves what’s wrong with us, where has our creativity gone? Or we may simply shrug it off as being too busy with other parts of life.

A few years ago, I emerged from just such a stretch. (It happens to the best of us.) My newsletter had stopped ‘writing itself,’ and my blog posts rarely made it from idea to internet. I had lost my creative spark.

After several months of this, I happened to pay a visit to a bit of sacred land near my home. It is a place where Native American people would gather in the past to hold their inter-tribal council meetings. When I walk among the cedars, I can still feel the presence of the elders and their wisdom there.

This particular day, I sat on a log just outside their circle. I glanced down, and something on the ground caught my eye. I could see it was for me. I picked it up, and it was a broken pen! How odd, I thought. Then I heard the words, Your writing isn’t broken; it’s your tools. No matter how well you write, you can’t do it with a broken pen.

It was my tools that were out of alignment, not me! Newsletter, websites, social media posts and pages… that’s why I couldn’t write! It was the structure I was trying to put my writing into which needed to be reworked with intention, perhaps with something completely new.

I went back to the core of my writing and began to revamp my online presence. A couple of weeks later I was invited – out of the blue – to join Shamanic Life. I now have the support of talented people to help me further hone the tools and how I use them to bring my writing forward.

Amongst all the possibilities we have today for posting, promoting, marketing, and connecting with our written voice, it can be difficult to stay true to our deep intent and also be heard amid the noise. Sometimes it’s our own clarity or courage, yes, but sometimes it’s just the tools and how we use them.

Happy Writing!