Episode 2

This week, John will chat with Karyn Armstrong, founder of the Shamanic Life online community, about what's happening in the world and in the shamanic community at large. He'll also have a conversation with psychic shamanic practitioner Anna Oliver, (www.JourneysWithAnna.com), a former interior designer who stumbled on to the Shamanic path ...and found her calling. John also explores how to create a "Vision Plan" with shamanic practitioner, visionary artist, and creativity coach Annette Wagner in the first of a multipart series. And that's not all - join us for "The Sensory Experince" with Gina Carosella, and in "Spirit, Muse, and Song", a sample of spiritually-inspired music from the multi-talented Cythara Martine Gercault. Tune in to catch all the discoveries! How do you live a shamanic life? Come share the experience of those who are embracing, cultivating, and living "A Shamanic Life".