Writing the Sacred

December 23, 2015 - It is said that a shaman often will not reveal the identity of the true power animal or helping spirits which he or she relies upon for healing work. The power and relationship between shaman and spirits is sacred. In the same manner, if an experience happens in our life which touches us profoundly and changes us forever, it too is sacred. Spiritual experiences are often not to be shared, but to be held close and allowed to deepen and grow within us.

When we begin to write with the intention of using our experience and learnings to help others, we are likely to be faced with difficult questions of what to share, how much detail to provide, and what to keep to ourselves. There are three guidelines I follow when trying to wend my way through sacred space in my written work:

  • Share as much as necessary to meet the healing intention of my writing. When I consider whether or not to share a spiritual experience in my writing, I focus first on the reason I am sharing the story. I tend to share many journeys and experiences which others keep private because I have known from the beginning of my shamanic work that most of my journeys were to be shared. Every time I share one it is with a particular healing intention, and I include the parts of the experience which support that intention and help others in that particular way. The more I focus in this way, the more my feelings of vulnerability drop away and the easier it is to write and honor the public presence of these personal experiences.
  • Be true to myself, the source of my power, and my own boundaries. I have set some boundaries for myself regarding what I will and will not share publicly, even in a healing story. And I have found that none of the story’s power is lost because of this. All of the details don’t matter; only the healing message, the learning, and the presence of the spirit’s work needs to come through. Whenever I am in doubt, I look inside to find the truth of what is right for me to share and what is not, and I honor that.
  • Honor the privacy, spirit, and sensibilities of others who are part of my story. Regardless of the details or value of a story, I always, always, always write my experiences and views in a way that is honoring of others who were part of the experience. No matter what the circumstances, every single person has an angel inside of them, and I honor that, no matter what.

In this way, I find I can write from a sacred space, tell a personal healing story, and honor myself and others in the process.