Natural Born Shamans with Imelda Almqvist: Dream Theatre

Episode 2 - Dream Theatre

Imelda's work with children includes coping with the things of nightmares. Literally. When young people come to her with recurring nightmares, Imelda builds off the some of the shamanic dreamwork popularized by Robert Moss; in particular, Dream Theatre, where the stuff of dreams comes to life in a safe, fun, playful way, and the monsters are transformed into teachers and guides. It's a great conversation, and it reminded me of child-like innocence and power that comes with it.

John Carosella

PS: Check out Imelda's book, Natural Born Shamans (available August 2016, from Amazon.)

"Natural Born Shamans, A Spiritual Toolkit for Children" covers all aspects of doing spiritual or shamanic work with children and young people. It aims to provide a comprehensive “spiritual toolkit”. It is aimed at anyone who has an interest in young people and spiritual matters. It covers all age groups from “in utero” until age 18+. It explains what shamanic parenting is. It describes ways of doing spirit-led work even with both unborn babies and spirit children (after miscarriage, abortion or early death). There is a chapter about doing healing work with children and how this is different from working with adults. It maps the challenges of this work (prejudices and fears in society) and how to dance respectfully with those issues. It describes the most pressing concerns per age group. It lists the unique challenges that contemporary children and young people face. It provides 30 “tried and tested” session plans for people looking for inspiration and “where to start”. It ends with a chapter on rites of passage, initiation and personalised ceremonies for young people and their families."