Imelda Almqvist Art

Imelda Almqvist is a Dutch shamanic painter, practitioner and teacher based in London, UK. She teaches courses in shamanism and sacred art internationally. Her paintings can be found in art collections all over the world.

In Imelda’s shamanic sacred art courses the focus is on engaging in fresh and innovative ways with ancient wisdom traditions. Her students use shamanic tools and the process of direct revelation to make sacred visionary art and to arrive at highly personalized ceremonies and rites of passage.

Imelda pioneered a shamanic program for young people called The Time Travelers in 2012. This offers safe sacred space for children and young people to share experiences and develop a spiritual toolkit together. Children whose innate spirituality is fed make healthy choices and honour all sentient beings.

Imelda’s book Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life, about her shamanic work with children and teenagers, will be published by Moon Books in 2016.

Years ago Imelda was guided to pioneer a very unique art form: making paintings of Spirit Children for bereaved parents and families. Spirit Children are the souls or spirits of children who died during a pregnancy (or in early infancy). If the loss occurred early on, the parents often have no image of the child and no way of talking about this child to others.

Imelda visits those Spirit Children in other worlds and paints them as they wish to be remembered by the living. She also facilitates communication and closure between parents and lost children. This way the child takes its rightful place in the family and the soul connection is honoured. Imelda has three sons and she loves traveling, learning foreign languages, playing the cello and making small films. The most extreme thing she has ever done is working as a volunteer in a field hospital in Bangladesh and assisting with eye surgery! One of the most life changing things she has ever done is teaching art to children in the slums outside Lima, Peru.

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