Honorary Members

Barbara Bloecher

Shamanic practitioner and teacher Barbara Bloecher studies and shares many sacred shamanic spiritual teachings, ceremonies and healing practices. Barbara’s studies and training include advanced Shamanic techniques with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, indigenous Shamans from Peruvian, Mayan and Guatemalan traditions, as well as with the compassionate spirits. She regularly teaches the  practices of Beginning Shamanic Journeying, Shamanic Healing, Medicine for the Earth, Weather Shamanism, Spirits of Nature, Soul Retrieval and Energy Clearing, Divination, Spirits of the Medicine Wheel, among many other offerings. Barbara is a Shamanic practitioner, healer and teacher, Reiki Master, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and teacher of metaphysics. She actively pursues her daily spiritual and shamanic practice in partnership with the compassionate spirits, doing healing work, divination, and working with nature and weather. Barbara also teaches a weekly metaphysical and meditation class based on universal law. This class explores many types of spiritual and energetic traditions and is a safe environment for people to personally stretch and grow. Barbara is available for private sessions, readings and healings, workshops, retreats, and presentations.

Polomo John Brennan (Shasta Shaman)

My spirit helpers and I have done effective in person healing work with many clients since 2007.  We successfully commenced long distance work in the summer of 2015.  We have taught many participants about shamanic healing ways since 2007, both as teaching assistants and teachers.

Apprentice to Tom Little Bear Nason Esselen Tribe since 1992
Studied with Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Angeles Arrien, Hank Wesselman, Bradford Keeney, Charlie Red Hawk Thom, Charlie Storm Owl Duncan, Bernice Torres, Khongoroo, and Michael Harner
Instructor and Elder at Headwaters Outdoor School, Hammond Ranch CA
Past Board officer, Siskiyou Land Trust, Mt. Shasta CA
Career Naval Officer. Assistant Professor, US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA
Licensed Professional Civil Engineer

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John Carosella

I offer healing and counseling services based on my holistic and shamanic training. I'm also an Internet radio host and producer.

My private practice at Passage & Refuge includes teaching and healing through Ayurveda, QiGong and the tools of shamanism. I have found that teaching clients a kind of intimacy with the breath helps unlock profound healing capacities within them, and makes those capacities more consciously accessible. My shamanic healing work often takes the form of sound healing/sound therapy and "word doctoring" - a poem, phrase, or mantra that catalyzes recognition, healing, and growth. I welcome those who suffer from physical ailments (including tough chronic issues like arthritis) as well as those who need emotional healing and support. I've been shown that virtually everything is accessible through the breath - "Breath is the first medicine."

Through Convergence, my monthly radio magazine, I enjoy making the mystical accessible to the scientific-minded, and bringing the language of science to the Mystery. I endeavor to bring provocative, new perspectives to living, learning, healing, and discovery. If you have a topic or expert you'd like to share, please contact me.

Through A Shamanic Life, I like to share voices of those who are not just "doing" shamanism, but living it. Through tales and tools, we highlight how to make the shamanic path walkable in every breath. If you have a "tale from the journey", we'd like to hear about it - contact Karyn Armstrong or me directly.

Passage & Refuge (www.PassageAndRefuge.com)
Convergence on SoulVox radio (www.ThisIsConvergence.com)

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Maya Dolena

I am a multi-disciplined, multi-dimensional transformational coach, consultant and workshop leader. I was fortunate to receive a Million $ education and global, Fortune 20 experience in a world-wide corporation where I was an executive leadership coach and workshop leader amongst other roles throughout the 25 years of service. I also pursued a path of spirituality and consciousness through the Divine Feminine - Awakened Masculine Institute and Source School of Tantra Yoga where my own awareness and healing propelled me into a realm of metaphysics and universal truths. I have interwoven the insights, learnings and experiences of both paths into all of my offerings. I offer personal and group coaching, business consulting and a variety of transformational workshops in Hawaii. Currently, I am producing a Winning Edge Leadership Bootcamp for women in 2017. My special talent and my purpose is to be a catalyst for transformation and guide others through their transformations. I have dedicated my time and energy to women's empowerment through their personal and professional development. I am Native American decent and have the love of the earth and all it creatures in my DNA.  My grandmother was a Shaman/healer and is my ancestor/guide in this life. I am here to be a steward the land, The name given to me by my Hawaiian Kumu is Kahalia O Ka'aina, loosely interpreted as, "I remember the land and the land remembers me.”

Sylvia (Maya) Dolena
Winning Edge University and Conscious Commerce and Pele Lani Farm
www.winningedgeuniv.com and www.facebook.com/consciouscommercecoalition


Julie Oreson Perkins

Julie Oreson Perkins - aka “a Different Kind of Coach” - is a certified Life Coach, who specializes in Mind/Body/Soul techniques for life transitions, well-BEing and teens (and their families.) As such, she blends her experiences as a speaker, teacher, radio show host, bestselling author,  energy healer and shamanic practitioner to create unique, experiential, personal transformation programs and coaching services that often involve a nature aspect of the great Colorado outdoors from her home in Boulder. Her shamanic specialties include: Mediumship, Seidr/Norse Shamanism ceremony and teachings, Psychopomp work, Compassionate Depossession, Land-House-Space clearings, Extraction and Soul Retrieval plus Life Transition services and ceremonies.


Julie Oreson Perkins
The Shamanic Life Coach
www.ShamanicLifeCoach.com (coming soon!)

Julie Upper Left

Melissa M. Reading, Ph.D.

A scientist by original training, I got my BS in Cellular Biology from University of Michigan, and my MS and PhD in Physical Chemistry from University of Chicago. I did a postdoc at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, and served on the Physics faculty at UC Santa Barbara.  After 10 years as a stay-at-home mom (of 2) I returned to work in renewable energy and energy storage in the research department at PG&E. When PG&E R&D closed down due to deregulation of the utility industry in California, I decided to take the severance package, learn to not spend money, and do my shamanic training.

As a child of 6 I had had my first shamanic experience when in excruciating pain at the dentist. I never again needed anesthetic, except for root canals. As a child of perhaps 10, I would gaze as the sky and watch the spontaneous arising of thoughts, and their dissipation.  About 1991 a therapist taught me to journey, and it was profound, so when she went on to a new enthusiasm, I went out and got a drum and Michael Harner's book The Way of the Shaman. I worked with the Spirits for 7 years on my own before the opportunity to begin serious training. This period included occasions when I was called to do healing work and instructed in how to do it by the Spirits.

My formal shamanic training has included the 3-year program of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner and Alicia Gates, Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth with Sandra Ingermann, as well as her first two year teacher's training, two years of Celtic Shamanism and also Faery Doctoring with Tom Cowan, Depossession with Betsy Bergstrom, Shapeshifting with Claude Poncelet, Shamanic Dreaming with Carlo Zumstein, Animal Communication with Samantha Khoury, Ancestor Work with Daniel Foor, as well as work with Sarangerel, Harner Method Shamanic Counseling, the FSS Extraction course, the FSS Two Week Intensive, and more. I served as the assistant in one of the FSS two-week programs, in 2004, for Alicia Gates and Michael Harner.  I worked at KS Holistic Health Center in Pleasanton, CA for a year or two. My Sixth West Coast 3-year program group has met for 14 years of reunions now, and provides a strong shamanic community for me. I confine my practice to my shamanic community at this time, as I concentrate on my personal work.